And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Revelation 12:11

May your faith be strengthened as you read these powerful testimonies, if God did it for these people He will surely come through for you.
Instant Healing

I had pains in my stomach during the night I couldn’t do anything. I remembered a mantle (handkerchief) that was blessed for all of us during a prophetic service by Apostle Bright to use according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I placed it on my stomach where the pain was and the pain disappeared instantly to the glory of God. We serve a miracle working God

Sister Sylvia

30yrs dispute between two families settled

During the week of praying for families one of the intercessors in church was praying for his family. His parents and their neigbour back home had been at war with each other for 30 years and after the prayer that day his parents called from home to tell him that the neighbours came to their home to tell them that they want peace they are tired of fighting. Glory be to God. Now there is peace after 30yrs of fights.  Dave

Financial breakthrough 

The prophet of God gave me a prophetic direction for a financial breakthrough. It took me few weeks to get around to doing what was asked, on the very day I did it, I received financial increase instantly. I got favoured in my work place. Since then I live a life of more than enough, moving from glory to glory. Glory be to God.

Mama Thembi

Half paralysed person (hemiplegia) healed.

My aunty was hospitalised and half of her body was paralysed. I spoke to Apostle Bright and his wife and they prayed and said that she was going to receive strength immediately . She indeed started to recieve strength and they came to visit her in the hospital and prayed for her and said in 3 days time she will be going home and God did it and on the 3rd day she was discharged. We thank God for His healing power.
Delivered from 14 year of stagnation
During last week’s Friday prophetic service Apostle God shared some testimonies that he had recieved during  the week from people he had prayed for about family breakthroughs. He then said that the anointing to work miracles in famillies was present so he said we should raise our hands and he began to minister and I recieved the word and believed it for my family and by Monday my brother was invited  for an interview he didn’t apply for. He got a job better that the one he had been doing for the past 14years, they offered him a car, fuel allowance and a salary beyond his imagination. To top it all off he was told to hire his own assistant. He had been stuck in the previous job for 14 years and anointing broke the spirit of stagnation. Jesus is still performing miracles today as He did before and to Him be all the glory.
Deportation cancelled by God
While ministering in Grace Assemblies in Cork, I was ministering and calling people forward. One lady got up and came forward and the Spirit of God spoke through me and said to her “go back and sit down, whatever you need is done, God has done it already”. This lady had been given deportation order. The programme was on Friday and on Wednesday I got a call from the pastor saying that the lady had just received her residency in this country despite  the deportation order she had.

I want to share a personal testimony on the anointing for total recovery:
Last week after finishing my dry fast, I went out to find a place to pray and to find something cold to drink(for those of you in Dublin crying about cold it’s so hot in Africa I even miss the cold).
I came back to find my house broken into in broad day light, they stole my laptop,watches,phone, passport and other things. I was told this is what happens in this area and that I wouldn’t find my things because they will go straight to the city to sell it, even the police were concerned I won’t find it. I told everybody including the police that I am going to sleep because am tired but I will recover everything in less than 24hrs.
You are going to love this part, I was awaken the following day by the police. When I open the door there people in the compound. The thief was there and the moment I got close to him he apologised to me promising me I will find everything. To the glory of God I have recovered everything and the thief went to church with me on Sunday and now many of the boys in the area wants to go to church and stop smoking and stealing. Am waiting for your testimony because you are next in line. Apostle Bright


Surgery cancelled

 Last week Pastor Bright was visiting in our area and decided to stop by our place. My daughter hasn’t been well, she doesn’t sleep at night because of a stomach pain. After see the doctor she was scheduled for surgery a day before pastor came by. I told pastor how worried I was about the surgery and he told me not worry there wont be any surgery, he then prayed with us and left.

For the first time in months she slept through the whole night. The following day we went to the hospital for the surgery but after examining her they couldn’t find anything so they ask what we did to her, I told them we prayed. The surgery was cancelled just the man of God said. We give God all the glory. Mark, Athy

Am now married and have a son

I just wanted to say a big thank you and i should have given this testimony at ur church but time has gone by but u gave me a word from God the first time u came to Kingdom gospel centre long ago , u said I was going to have a son and my husband was coming , as I was very single at the time I was shocked that I was going to have a son let alone go into another relationship but I held on to ur words u told me and some years passed but I did get married and I now have a son now that is nearly one year old to God be the glory. Michelle, Dublin

Just as he prophesied:
During a prayer meeting on Monday, Apostle Bright told me God has prepared a man for me. He gave me the type of car he will be driving and its colour as well as the dressing of the man. On Wednesday I met the man just as Apostle described. I give God the glory. Vida, London
Back to sender prayer worked
During a service Apostle Bright told me the money I sent home that week was being used against me and that person is responsible for the collapse of my business and marriage. I didn’t agree because the person was my auntie but the prophet just prayed and said we will see. The following day my auntie started confessing and crying in my village. Beauty, Dublin.
Dead person came to life.
During one of our Sunday service, a woman suddenly started becoming weak. Whiles praying for her, her eyes rolled up, and she died right in front of everybody. God told me to hold her up and call her spirit back into her body, after few minutes of prayer her cold body was becoming warm and finally she came back to life.
I have seen cancers destroyed, barren have children,  surgeries have been cancelled because God took care of it. I believe this is your season for a testimony; God is going to make a nobody somebody after reading this in Jesus name, Amen.

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