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My aim in this school is to help equip, empower and lead you.

A: Activate every gift that you have in you
I: I will impart what I have received from God and others
M: Teach you how to minister and manifest the gifts

For the next couple of months I will be leading and teaching you from the word and experience to enable you walk in your calling and minister the gifts of the Spirit.

– The course is in three modules. Each module cost 75 Dollars
– Info for the webinar will be provided upon registration
– The videos and notes will be available to watch anytime.

-The Call
1. What does it mean to be called
2. Types and ways of calling.
3. Why some don’t answer the calling
4. How to identify your calling
5. Mistakes about the call

-The Anointing
1. What is the anointing
2. Types of the anointing
3. Understanding the levels of the anointing
4. How to catch and flow in the anointing
5. The man and the mission

– The gifts of the spirit
1. Word of Knowledge
2. Word of Wisdom
3. Prophecy
4. Faith
5. Healing
6. Working of Miracles
7. Discerning
8. Different kinds of Tongues
9. Interpretation of Tongues

– Prayer

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